December 1 • Steve Pistorius & The Southern Syncopators
Preservation Hall | 5-7pm

December 2 • The Steamboat Stompers
The Steamboat Natchez | 11am & 2pm cruises

December 2 • Steve Pistorius Quartet
Buffas Bar & Restaurant | 7-10pm

December 6 • Ben Redwine Quartet
Covington, LA | 7-8:30pm

December 8 • The Palm Court Jazz Band
The Palm Court Jazz Cafe | 7:30-10:30pm

December 9 • Steve Pistorius Quartet
Buffas Bar & Restaurant | 7-10pm

December 16 • The Steamboat Stompers
The Steamboat Natchez | 11am & 2pm cruises

December 16 • Kris Tokarski Trio
The Bombay Club | 8-11pm

December 21 • Riverside Jazz Collective
The Bombay Club | 8:30-11:30pm

December 23 • Steve Pistorius Quartet
Buffas Bar & Restaurant | 7-10pm

December 30 • Bombay All Stars
The Bombay Club | 8-11pm

December 31 • Bombay All Stars
The Bombay Club | 9-midnight

I’ve had a great summer, especially during the 3 weeks I was in Europe! Audiences enjoyed the sounds of the Palm Court Jazz Band in Belgium and Germany. Travelling with legends of New Orleans music such as Sammy Rimmington, Greg Stafford, Robert Harris, Lars Edergren, and Richard Moten was absolutely a highlight in my musical and professional career. In Denmark I was so fortunate to share in music with Norbert Susemihl and Chris Tanner, and in Sweden I enjoyed excellent music with Jens Lindgren and Joakim Falk.

Since coming back to New Orleans, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to sustain a life in the arts and how to keep things fresh while performing music that is certainly not very popular anymore. These are questions I’ve asked myself over time and have led me to finding a home with a company that shares my values and I’m sure many of my own questions. These are the type of questions I am sure Chris Bennett has asked himself having started a company called Bopworks, specifically aimed at recreating the types of drumsticks that all of the great jazz drummers played. He is definetly not going to become rich off of his company, nor will I playing this kind of music. In that respect and others, Bopworks and I are hopeless romantics, and perfect for one another!

I am really excited to announce that I have signed on as an endorser of Bopworks. They make excellent sticks and brushes based on the models and designs of many decades ago including many models that are replicas of sticks played by my idols such as Art Blakey, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and Mel Lewis! The brushes are also akin to the brushes of that era using a thinner wire gauge. I’ve been playing the brushes, and the 40’s swing classic sticks for a while now and when I play a bebop gig I always pull out the West Coast model. These sticks give beautiful sounds from cymbals and drums especially at lower volumes and they feel good in my hands.
Anyways, these sticks make me happy and I also take pride in supporting a small business that is competing with big corporations. We are romantics, Bopworks and I, and may we both thrive and strive for longevity.

I’ll be playing these sticks and brushes as I start a new season in New Orleans full of concerts and special projects and maybe a recording session under my own name…Stay tuned for that.
Thank you Bopworks, thank you friends and family for your continued support.

Benny Amon
August 17th, 2018

Benny Amón

Since moving to New Orleans in 2011 from his hometown of Davis, California, Benny has become one of the most in demand drummers on the New Orleans jazz scene. Benny holds a B.A in Development Studies from UC Berkeley. A job working with young people in schools first brought him to New Orleans. Since then Benny has been involved in recording sessions, tours, festivals, and special projects with all of the top traditional jazz musicians in New Orleans.Benny has performed in Japan as a cultural ambassador, in Brazil at the International I Love Jazz Festival, in Argentina as a guest artist, in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, and across the United States, including repeat performances at the Monterey Jazz Festival. At home in New Orleans, Benny performs regularly at the world famous Preservation Hall, The Palm Court Jazz Cafe, and on the Mississippi river aboard the Steamboat Natchez. Every year he performs at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, The French Quarter Festival, The Summer Satchmo Fest and the Danny Barker Banjo & Guitar Festival. Benny endorses and performs exclusively on Bopworks drumsticks and brushes.

“Benny is a breath of fresh air in today’s New Orleans music scene. His excellent musical instincts, solid time, willingness to learn from older musicians and his ongoing study of great drummers past and present create a perfect recipe for making any rhythm section swing.”Steve Pistorius



“This is a record of what Steve, James, Orange, and Benny felt like playing in the moment. Thus it is genuine and irreplaceable. And varied, with stomps, blues, pop songs both tender and mournful, genuine make-out music (SWAY), a handful of Creole seasoning, and a properly dark roux.”Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives
Steve Pistorius Quartet Live at the International I Love Jazz Festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Benny would love to hear from you. He offers drum lessons for all ages and skill levels. Benny also leads bands for private events and public venues.

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